hotfoot technology

With the unpredictableness of winter’s weather, make sure you have the power needed to keep you and your vehicles moving.  Weego’s Crankenstein® is the most reliable, safe and smart 12V/24V jump starter on the market.  Crankenstein has a premium OLED screen, digital voltmeter, patented Connection Detection plus, comprehensive built-in protections that walk users through a safe and successful jump every time even in sub-zero temperatures.  

Yes, Crankenstein has sub-zero jump starting capabilities!

Arctic temps truly test a vehicles battery when a freezing cold engine starts trying to crank itself awake.  While you could wait for a technician to come to your rescue, a quicker plan of action is to try jump starting with Weego’s Crankenstein.  Unlike other lithium jump starters, Crankenstein’s Hotfoot® Technology allows operation in temperatures as low as -28°F.  When temperature’s fall below the freezing mark, Crankenstein’s internal lithium batteries start warming to -5°F to assure a successful jump in the extreme cold. In the video below, our Product Manager, Berdj Mazmanian, walks you through Crankenstein’s Hotfoot® Technology operation. 

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