Committed to safety, innovation and our customers

From the very beginning in 2014, our aim was to produce the highest quality, safest, most intuitive, and most convenient portable power products on the market. Instead of following what was done before, we approached the issue of jump starting with fresh eyes, which allowed us to re-imagine the product category.  Our patented Smarty Clamps® break new ground for safety, practicality and ease of use.  Our lithium-ion batteries are safe, powerful, compact, and incredibly reliable. Seven years later Weego continues to be an industry pioneer, with an expansive assortment of jump starters, battery packs and accessories.

Our history – from paper to power

Oddly enough, the story of Weego begins with a paper company called Paris Corporation. Founded by our CEO Gerry Toscani’s father in 1964, Paris is still a leading player in the paper industry. However, with the growth of technology, paper began to be an industry in decline. Looking to diversify into technology, Gerry astutely noticed an opportunity to improve upon age-old archaic solutions around dead batteries.

Being a car, boat and tractor owner, he knew the troubles of dead batteries all too well. The solutions were unsafe and inconvenient. Jumper cables and heavy lead acid jump boxes just didn’t cut it. Gerry saw the potential for a light, compact, multifunctional jump starter suitable for anybody who owned a vehicle.

After extensive research and development, the first Weegos were introduced to the public in July of 2014. Gerry sent his two youngest sons on the road in the “Weego Wagon” to sell some product and gather feedback. Market research 101. The response was overwhelmingly positive. In the process we learned a lot about who our customers were and what they really wanted in a jump starter.

Since then, we have continually evolved, improved and expanded our product line, thanks to the feedback we’ve received from consumers and industry professionals. We’re proud of the fact that Weego continues to surpass expectations and set a new standard for lithium-ion jump starters. Also with additional features like USB fast-charging, a 12V power supply, and a high lumen flashlight, Weego is a practical and dependable tool for many situations besides jump starting. Entering into commercial markets in 2019 with revolutionary Crankenstein® has been particularly exciting.

We’re always here to help

All operations are based out of our USA headquarters in Westampton, New Jersey. This includes engineering, marketing, sales, warehouse, distribution and an exceptional customer support team. We’re available during normal business hours via email, with inquiries addressed within 1-2 business days. You can also visit our Support page for manuals, faqs, troubleshooting, warranty information, and product registration.