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Weego 66.2


Made with the professional in mind, our new and improved Weego 66.2 jump starting power pack is a compact, 2.5 pound workhorse that delivers 660 cranking amps and features a bypass button* that allows you to jump a completely dead battery.  It is rated for large gas engines (10-Liter +) and smaller diesel engines (5-Liter +).

The number one issue with most failed jump start attempts is that a lithium jump starter cannot detect a low voltage lead acid battery. With our advanced voltage detection, the 66.2 can recognize a lead acid battery as low as 0.5 volts and will provide voltage support (known as pre-conditioning) to raise and maintain the voltage of your vehicle’s battery to a level safe for jump starting. *If your lead acid battery is completely dead (between 0 – 0.5 volts), and Weego 66.2 cannot detect your battery, you can use the bypass button to complete the jump start.

With the ability to charge anything from phones to tablets, power 12V tools and accessories, and run a 600 lumen flashlight for hours on end, Weego 66.2 is a great tool to have on the jobsite.

Perfect for: 12V equipment, any gas vehicle, smaller diesel engines.

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Decrease vehicle and equipment down time. Increase productivity. Crankenstein™ is the ultimate compact, reliable, safe, and smart tool for any jobsite with construction, agriculture, forestry, rental, utility vehicles and equipment. It is also perfect for roadside assistance and towing companies. Replace 40+ lb. lead-acid jump packs with a 9 lb. jump starting monster! Ruggedly built to jump gas and diesel engines with 12V or 24V battery systems. Ultra-stable, high performance lithium-iron phosphate battery. Intuitive operation requires zero training. An OLED screen, new smart technologies including sub-zero jump starting capability, digital voltmeter, patented Connection Detection plus, comprehensive built-in protections walk users through a safe, dependable and successful jump every time. Industrial-grade 1000 lumen adjustable work light, 12V CLA port, USB-C charging kit and lightning-fast USB ports included for multifunctional, convenient portable power.

Perfect for: Jobsite, equipment yard, boat yard, dealership, fleet, farm, landscaping, maintenance shop, tow operators, and more.

12V mode – 1200A for all gas and diesel engines
24V mode – 600A for smaller diesel engines

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