Decrease vehicle and equipment down time. Increase productivity. Crankenstein™ is the ultimate compact, reliable, safe, and smart tool for any jobsite with construction, agriculture, forestry, rental, utility vehicles and equipment. It is also perfect for roadside assistance and towing companies. Replace 40+ lb. lead-acid jump packs with a 9 lb. jump starting monster! Ruggedly built to jump gas and diesel engines with 12V or 24V battery systems. Ultra-stable, high performance lithium-iron phosphate battery. Intuitive operation requires zero training. An OLED screen, new smart technologies including sub-zero jump starting capability, digital voltmeter, patented Connection Detection plus, comprehensive built-in protections walk users through a safe, dependable and successful jump every time. Industrial-grade 1000 lumen adjustable work light, 12V CLA port, USB-C charging kit and lightning-fast USB ports included for multifunctional, convenient portable power.

Perfect for: Jobsite, equipment yard, boat yard, dealership, fleet, farm, landscaping, maintenance shop, tow operators, and more.

12V mode – 1200A for all gas and diesel engines
24V mode – 600A for smaller diesel engines

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    64 Motor Cars
    64 Motor Cars
    • Battery System 12V/24V
    • Battery Capacity 154Wh
    • Battery Type Lithium-iron Phosphate
    • 12V Peak/Cranking Amps 5,000/1,200
    • 24V Peak/Cranking Amps 5,000/600
    • Operating Temperature -28° F to 140° F
    • IP65 Rated Water, Dust and Dirt Resistant
    • USB-A 2 Ports, 3.6-15.0V/1.5-3.0A
    • USB-C 1 Port, 5.0-20.0V/2.3-3.0A
    • Recharge Time 6 Hours
    • Charge Cycles Up to 2,000
    • Flashlight 1000 lumen LED, Strobe & SOS
    • Dimensions 11.5″ x 6″ x 8″
    • Weight9 lbs
    What’s in the Box?Jump Starter with Cables, USB-C AC/DC Charging Kit, 12V Mini Clamps, Storage Bag, Quick Start Guide.

    Compact, Powerful & Smart

    Crankenstein is only 9 pounds!

    Weighs 80% Less than Lead Acid Jump Boxes

    Advanced battery power and technology gives Crankenstein equal power to its lead-acid counterparts at a fraction of the weight and size.

    Crankenstein OLED Screen

    A Smarter Jump Starter

    An OLED screen clearly communicates vehicle battery voltage, warning messages and other information for safe and easy use.

    Crankenstein Connection Detection

    Connection detection

    For easier and faster jumps, Crankenstein displays the quality of your battery terminals connection so you can adjust to achieve maximum connectivity and minimum resistance.


    Smarty Clamps
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      Crankenstein’s reinforced case is built to withstand the rigors of repeated use and handling on a jobsite. It is IP65 rated for water, dust and dirt resistance.

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      Hotfoot® Technology

      Weego’s Hotfoot technology allows operation in temperatures as low as -28°F, warming Crankenstein’s internal batteries to -5°F for an assured jump in extreme cold.

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      Built-In Safety Protections

      Reverse polarity, anti-spark, over-current, over-discharge, voltage detection and temperature protections ensure the user, equipment and Crankenstein are safe.

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      Quick Charging, Long Lasting

      Crankenstein recharges in just 6 hours! Get a year of standby power on a single charge too. Built for years of daily use Crankenstein lasts up to 2,000 charge cycles.

    Not just for jumping

    Crankenstein Charges


    Fast-charges phones, tablets and other portable devices.  Includes both USB-A and USB-C charging.

    Crankenstein Powers


    Power 12V tools and accessories through a built-in CLA port: inverters, compressors, OBDII Memory Savers and more.

    Crankenstein Lights


    Lights a workspace up to 30-hours with a 1,000 lumen flashlight. Includes adjustable focus, brightness, strobe, and SOS.

    Crankenstein starts our big rental equipment including 150′ man lifts.  Totally impressed!


    Sunbelt Rentals

    We’ve even started a few full-size semis that normally need two jump boxes. After 10 years in the towing industry and trying my fair share, none live up to Crankenstein!


    Sixty Four Motorcars

    Weego equipment is really great, small, efficient and reliable. It’s really powerful…It tells if the battery is good or not…It’s saved me so many times.


    All Service Roadside


    Our in-house development team combines innovation with the practical needs of our customers to engineer the most safe and reliable lithium-ion products on the market. We design, engineer and test our products in the US. They are certified IP65 for demanding, unpredictable environments.  And are backed by dedicated, responsive customer support and a comprehensive warranty.

    Designed & Engineered in the USA
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Lap Tested
    1 Year Warranty


    Additional information

    Weight 12.2 lbs
    Dimensions 17 × 11 × 12 in